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Marie-Jean Thoraval教授讲座通知

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? ? ? ?应仿生工程与生物力学中心徐峰教授邀请,bet36最新体育备用网址_bet36怎么改中文6_bet36官网航天航空学院Marie-Jean Thoraval教授将于11月22日下午2:00在生命学院教二北308为交大师生作报告,报告具体信息如下:

? ? ? ?报告名称:High-Speed Imaging of Drops and Bubbles?

? ? ? ?报告人:?Marie-Jean Thoraval教授

? ? ? ?报告时间: 11月22日(周二), 下午 2:00 – 3:00

? ? ? ?报告地点: 教二楼北308

? ? ? ?报告内容简介:?
? ? ? ?Drops and bubbles constitute the fundamental form of fluids at small scales, due to the action of surface tension. Therefore, understanding their dynamics has a wide range of implication. One of the challenges is to understand their extremely fast motion at small scale. With the recent progresses in high-speed imaging techniques, it has become possible to explore a new world at frame rates up to 10 million frames per second.We first focus on new phenomena responsible for splashing and air entrapment during drop impact on a liquid pool, then look at the peculiar dynamics of a drop of nano-particles dispersion impacting on a solid surface. Finally, we look at the partial coalescence of bubbles in a high-pressure chamber.

? ? ? ?报告人简介:?
? ? ? ?Prof. Marie-Jean Thoraval obtained his PhD in Fluid Mechanics from KAUST (Saudi Arabia) in 2013. He then worked as a postdoc at the Physics of Fluids group in the University of Twente (The Netherlands). He is now professor at Xi‘an Jiaotong University since 2015. He has received in 2016 the national “Thousand Young Talent Plan”. His research focuses on interfacial flows, including drops and bubbles, combining the fastest high-speed cameras together with large parallel numerical simulations.